Agriculture University Research and case studies

GrowMate International  has engaged in several Field and laboratory tests in agriculture on crops such as turf, grass and soil to test the effectiveness of using Humic Substances.

Product studies have been conducted using independent testing procedures.

A two year Research was performed at the TARLAC AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY of Philippines for Organic Based-fertilizer Application and Plant Effects on the Growth and Yield Performance of  Glutinous Corn.

Research that have been conducted on the application of humic products to crops have rendered many benefits such as the increase in  soil water retention, growth of beneficial soil microorganisms, and an ultimate consistent  increase in yield  under arid conditions for many crops.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, studied the effectiveness of using Humic substances as soil fertilizer, thus decreasing the required amount of mineral fertilizer (NPK). Hence, HS may represent a sustainable strategy to improve agricultural production.

Texas Heard Farms in Matagorda County Texas, treated 11,000 acres with white corn applying GrowMate Soil and GrowMate Plant.  The yield results increased by 14%. GrowMate International has conducted over 200 studies and field demonstrations to quantify the effectiveness of our products.  The yield increase return average was 20%


*University reports, scientific data and findings can be shared by contacting GrowMate International LLC or with an account representative.