GrowMate Plant



Growmate® Plant Product Bulletin

General Information

GrowMate® Plant  is recommended for most crops including vegetable crops, field crops, citrus, turf, flowers grown in greenhouses, hydroponics, and particularly soils with less than 4% organic matter. Fulvic acids are a fraction of humic substances that are soluble in water under all pH conditions. They remain in liquid form after removal of humic acids by acidification and are yellow to light brown in color. Fulvic acids can be absorbed by a plant through its foliage and then be translocated to all parts of the plant.

Methods and Recommendations of Preparation and Application

Before using GrowMate® Plant, shake the bottle well, open the package carefully, measure the indicated amount of GrowMate® Plant, with a plastic test tube, or with some other graduated container specific for this use, pour the product to be used into a bucket and mix with water, stir, then add to the spray tank or spray backpack and stir again.

Usage Warnings

This product should not be ingested and contact with eyes must be avoided. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water. The use of protective equipment (industrial lenses) is suggested. May cause skin irritation.

Transportation and Storage Recommendations

Store in a cool dry place at temperatures between 7 degrees C (45 degrees F) and 38 degrees C (100 degrees F). Do not store in direct sunlight, keep tightly closed in its original packaging.


Fulvic Acids 1.35%
Hydrophobic Fulvic Acids 2,300 ppm
(Fulvic Acid Derived From Leonardite)
Method of analysis: JAOAC 97(3):721-730 (2014) HPTA approved standard analysis method.
Fulvic Acids <0.05%

(Fulvic Acid Derived From Leonardite) Method of analysis: CDFA

Fulvic acids 36%
Inert Components 64%
(Fulvic Acid Derived From Leonardite) Method of analysis: 4 Real

Condition of Sale/Warranty

Manufacturer’s and Seller’s obligation is limited to the replacement of products due to defective quality only. Neither Seller or Manufacturer shall be liable for damages directly or consequently arising from the use of this product. All suggestions or directions made herein are based upon our experience and are believed to be accurate. No other guarantee or warranty is made or implied by contract, statute, common law, merchantability, fitness, for a particular purpose or otherwise, as conditions and methods of the use of products are herein described are variable (e.g. weather etc.), and beyond our control. This information and any products are provided on the conditions that the user will evaluate them for himself, as well as, any recommendations to determine their suitability for his own purposes before adoption.

*GrowMate® products are compatible with most phytosanitary, fertilizer/nutritional products and herbicides, except those with low pH (between 2 and 3) or very high pH (9 and above).

*Only open before using.

Coordinated Sanitary Registry (RSCO) -037/1/13