GrowMate Plant



All natural, highly-effective supplement consisting of a high concentration of fulvic acid, designed for foliar application.

GrowMate™ Plant is especially benefcial to plants during periods of nutrient defciencies and toxicity due to pesticides or over fertilization. It is recom- mended for most crops including vegetable crops, row and feld crops, citrus, turf, and fowers grown in greenhouses, large outdoor farms and hydroponic systems.

The Role of GrowMate™ Plant

GrowMate™ Plant serves as a highly efective supplement in crop production. It has the ability to restore, strengthen and improve plant life at the cellular level, bringing the soil and plant system into balance. GrowMate™ Plant has proven to be an extremely powerful organic supplement. It will help ensure that plants meet their highest growth and nutritional potential.

The Benefits of GrowMate™ Plant

– Promotes root development.
– Stimulates metabolism, increasing molecular activity.
– Increases water storage capacity within the plant.
– Dissolves insoluble materials in the soil, making them soluble and readily available to the plant.
– Intensifes the metabolism of proteins, RNA & DNA. – Increases resistance to stress & diseases.

GrowMate™ Plant Content Analysis

Fulvic Acids..................................36%
Inert Compounds.............................64%

A complete product for detoxification of numerous crops.

GrowMate™Plant is a Powerful Detoxifer
GrowMate™ Plant has natural detoxifying capabilities inclu- ding efectiveness against some of the pesticides used in conventional farming. The overall increase in plant health and strength is probably the most notable advantage from using GrowMate™ Plant. Strong and healthy plants are more resistant to insects and diseases reducing the need for pesticide and fungicide use. Another advantage of using GrowMate™ Plant is that it acts as a chelating agent. It naturally combines with heavy metals in the soil, turning them into non-toxic absorbable minerals.

GrowMate™ Application

The best way we can optimize your production is to build a treatment plan catered to your farm. Our technical director will customize a step-by-step plan based on your type of crop(s), climate, soil and results desired. Applying GrowMate™ Plant to your crop is easy and won’t alter your current farming methods. A general application includes 1 gallon of GrowMate™ Plant dissolved in 50 gallons of water per acre. Apply to foliar early in the morning after watering the plant and at each growth phase. We recommend two applications, each at a diferent growth phase. To increase benefts, we suggest applying GrowMate™ Soil to the soil at the time of sowing or immediately following. GrowMate™ Plant is 100% soluble and safe to use in all types of irrigation systems and liquid application sprayers.


Experience in the Field
Our products, combined with our expertise, provide meanin- gful improvements in soil quality and crop yields. Soil scien- tists and agronomists have recognized the GrowMate™ family of products as an important component in soil fertility and plant health. We are confdent that GrowMate™ will prove to be invaluable to you and your business.

GROWMATE INTERNATIONAL LLC has several research and development partnerships with leading US universities.