All natural bio-remediation agent for treatment of hydrocarbon spills on soil and water.


RemediAde™ is a non-chemical and natural organic solution that is environmentally friendly highly efficient way to promote rapid biological remediation of oil both on land and in water. RemediAde™ is easily applied in land and water sources for spills and/or leakage of oil or other hydrocarbons.


Depending on the weight and quantity of refining, RemediAde™ cleans gasoline and diesel in 5-7 days, unprocessed crude oil in 2-3 weeks and the oil refined in 2-3 weeks. In most cases the complete decomposition of hydrocarbons is seen on the seventh day after starting treatment.


This is only a sample of cases of hydrocarbon cleaning.

RemediAde™ has successfully cleaned hundreds of oil spills and other hydrocarbons in the last 20 years. The scope and scale differ in each specific case, but the effectiveness of RemediAde™ is consistent.

For 20 years RemediAde™ has performed exceptionally for all customers.


-used In oil spill
-used For spills and leaks of oil
-used In land and shores
-Client Since 2006


-Leading product in response to spills, leaks and cleaning after storms
-Cleaning of Oil Spills
-Cleaning of hydrocarbon spills
-Remediation in multiple locations -Client Since 1990


-Cleaning of oil spill
-Cleaning of pipe rupture
-Used to clean up spills in Texas
-Client Since 2008


-Used in hydrocarbon spills
-Used saltwater spill
-Used in tanks spills
-Cleanings in Matagorda County, Texas
-Client Since 2002


-Cleaning of oil, diesel and chlorinated hydrocarbons
-The Site exceeded 7,645 metros3
-THP reduced from 75,000 to -Client Since 2000


RemediAde™ has been used by manufacturing and chemical petroleum industry for over 20 years. RemediAde™ is inexpensive and has been used in cleaning up hydrocarbon spills hundreds and salt water in chemical plants and oil operations. RemediAde™ is a blend of plant extracts and other organic substances designed to promote the rapid growth of bacteria for bioremediation of hydrocarbons. The unique production process of RemediAde™ contributes to the rapid growth of bacteria that help in the effective bioremediation of hydrocarbons.


Applying RemediAde™ is determined by the size of the treatment area, the level of contamination and the desired amount of TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons). In low gravity spills additional surfactant is added to allow the bacteria to move between the oil spill easily. In water, the application is designed according to the type of water, the severity of the spill and other factors. Speci c instructions are on the label.


GrowMate International LLC provides remediation project design and technical support service to the user and / or consulting and engineering rms involved in the cleaning process. Additionally, on-site support and project management security is offered for a fee. Service workforce and project consulting offered by GrowMate International LLC is to help the user in the most effective and efifcient implementation of RemediAde™. For example: training crews on remediation techniques, monitoring of the implementation and technical consulting based on the operating conditions of the site remedy.


- Spills and pipeline ruptures
- Spills storage tanks
- Cleaning of oil pollution in swamps and beaches - Remediation of soil near tanks and farms
- Clean well head
- Remediation of soil hydrocarbon landfill
- Cleaning of refineries
- Contamination with creosote

RemediAde™ is on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s NCP Product Schedule. This listing does not mean that EPA approves, recommends, licenses, certi es, or authorizes the use of RemediAde™ on an oil discharge. This listing means only that data have been submitted to EPA as required by subpart J of the National Contingency Plan, 40 CFR Section 300.915.