RemediAde Customers

Example Hydrocarbon Cleanup Cases Using RemediAde

NOTE: The following is a sample representation of various hydrocarbon remediation cases involving the use of JDMV Holdings’ RemediAde product. RemediAde has successfully remediated hundreds of oil and hydrocarbon spills over the past 20 years. The various projects scope and scale specifics differ from case to case, but the effectiveness of RemediAde is highly consistent and the end results have been exceptional for many years.


•    Lead oil spill response product used in overflows, leaks and post storm clean up requirements

•    Successfully cleaned up crude oil spills

•    Cleaned up hydrocarbon spills

•    Remediated multiple site locations in Texas

•    Client since 1990


•    Used for hydrocarbon spills

•    Used for hydrocarbon pit closure clean ups

•    Houston and Katy, Texas area cleanups

•    Client since 1999


•    Used for hydrocarbon spills

•    Used for saltwater spills

•    Used for oil tank overflow spills

•    Multiple cleanups in Matagorda, County Texas

•    Client since 2002


•    Used for hydrocarbon spills

•    Used for oil spills and leaks

•    Used on land and coastal areas in South Texas

•    Client since 2006


•    Oil spill cleanup

•    Pipeline break clean up

•    Used for spill cleanups in Texas

•    Client since 2008

Texas Gulf Sulfur

•    Cleaned up hydrocarbons, diesel and chlorinated hydrocarbons

•    Site cleanup exceeded 10,000 cubic yards

•    Reduced 75,000 TpH to <100 TpH

•    Client Since 2000


•    Used for hydrocarbon spills

•    Remediated creosote contamination in waterways

•    Cleaned up burial waste site at plant

•    Reduced 22,000 TpH to <100 TpH

•    Plant located in Beaumont, TX and contamination sites along coast waterways

•    Client since 1996