The safe choice for treating manure and animal waste for all soils, plants and animals.

About ManureMax

ManureMaxTM is an economical solution for treating livestock waste.

ManureMaxTM decreases livestock waste odors, breaks down and reduces manure solids and decreases volatiles in the manure.

ManureMaxTM is a biological activator derived from humates. We recommend applying the product directly on and in livestock waste lagoons and manure collection areas.

ManureMaxTM is a natural form of humic acids which, when applied to manure enhances microbial activity, decreases volatile ammonia and other gas emissions, reduces odor, improves the carbon to nitrogen ratios in the waste and enhances the quality of the manure.

Advantages of ManureMaxTM

– Decreases Volatile Ammonias
– Reduces Odors
– Improves Carbon to Nitrogen Ratio in the Waste
– Breaks Down Salts in Urine

ManureMaxTM is a Safe Product

ManureMaxTM is a safe product for all soils, plants and animals. ManureMaxTM is an organic product that is natural to the food chain and plays an e ective role in the environmental today’s agricultural industry.

Usage Instructions and Benefits

ManureMaxTM is 100% soluble in water. We suggest adding it directly to your manure lagoons and waste storage facilities. The malodorous components are readily biodegraded by ManureMaxTM. In swine lagoons we recommend an initial direct application of 5 gallons for each 1,000 square feet of surface area. In some cases, it is recommended to re-apply the initial application quantity of ManureMaxTM after 30 days to insure optimum results for odor reduction and manure stabilization.

Use Warnings and Precautions

This product should not be ingested and any contact with the eyes should be avoided. In case of contact with the eyes wash liberally with water. Use of industrial goggles is suggested. ManureMaxTM does not cause skin irritation.

Transport and Storage Guidelines

Do not transport or store the product next to human food products. Keep in a dry place in temperatures not higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit.