Who we are


Our Vision is to support scalable business opportunities worldwide


Our Vision is to provide remediation to areas which have suffered environmental or agriculture damage caused by man made or natural disasters.

Our Vision is to help our customers positively impact our world in an eco-friendly way.

Our Vision is to be an industry leader by providing the most efficient, competitive, and eco-friendly humate based products in the market.

                                          OUR VISION

GrowMate Internation LLC manufactures a diverse line of "Green Earth" based products used to improve agricultural performance and repair damaged or polluted soils in a sustainable manner.

who we are

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GrowMate International is a privately held company that manufactures exceptional quality humate based products which provide green sustainable solutions to today’s agricultural and remediation industries.

With an office location in Houston Texas, GrowMate International is able to serve costumers throughout the US and the rest of the world. Our naturally occurring humus products are used everyday in the agricultural, environmental remediation and waste management industries.  

why humate based products

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In agriculture, Humic Acids are one of the most important components of Humate Substances which help break up clay and compacted soils, assist in transferring micronutrients from soils to plants, enhance water retention and improve seed germination rates.

In industrial and environmental applications GrowMate International believes in the efficacy of HS because natural organic colloids (humic and fulvic acids) form water soluble complexes with many metals. When mixed with other organic compounds HS can assist in the breakdown of hydrocarbons